At AML we can supply and fit all types of safes and secure cabinets in Aylesbury and the surrounding areas in order to meet your needs.

Whether it is for cash or jewelery, documents or computers we can help you choose the right safe and help fit it.

 For insurance purposes safes need to fixed to a solid wall/floor using bolts or adhesive this stops "want to be" thiefs walking away with your valuables and opening the safe in there own time. With options ranging from key, combinations even biometrics we are sure to find the correct safe for you. We also have a local safe removal service for your convenience.

Should you require more information on your safes or to book an appointment call us on 01296 326557.  

4k cash rated safe

 £4K cash rated safe


Data Safes installed

 Data Safes 

Tel: 01296 326557


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